Gyproc Foil Black


Gyproc Foil Back Plasterboard

Gyproc Foil Back is a gypsum plasterboard with a smooth, white PVC film in the front and vapour control film at the back.


It is used for partition, linings and suspended ceiling systems in industrial and commercial buildings.


Grey face paper
Metallised polyester film

Manufacturing Standards

IS 2095 - Part l, 2011

Thermal Conductivity
0.16 (W/m°K )

Width (mm) Length (mm) Edge Type
9.5mm board, R = 0.059
1219 1829 T/E S/E
12.5mm board, R = 0.078
1219 1829 T/E S/E
1219 2438 T/E S/E
1219 3048 T/E S/E